The proposal of Applied Research Solutions, “AI-Driven Smart Energy Manager for Optimized Electric Vehicle Charging” (AI4EV), has been selected in the AIBC Euroclusters Open Call for Digitalisation Services and Product Development from March 2024.

The primary objective is to introduce a novel Smart Energy Manager for EV charging infrastructure, leveraging AI algorithms. This aligns with our goal of innovating in the energy sector and entering the market with a unique product. The proposed activities, including creating a laboratory validated prototype and presenting it to potential customers, directly address our goal of advancing the Smart Energy Manager from concept to a tangible product ready for market.

The utilisation of AI in our product development enhances its technical excellence. This allows us to deliver a state-of-the-art solution that surpasses existing offerings in terms of efficiency and user satisfaction, giving us a competitive edge and allowing us to offer unique features and capabilities in the EV charging and energy management sector.

Through the AIBC EUROCLUSTERS project, we can engage with a broader innovation ecosystem, including potential partners, clusters, and stakeholders. This expands our network and opens up collaboration opportunities. In summary, the requested services align with our objectives and goals by facilitating innovation, technical excellence, market entry, and competitiveness. They are instrumental in advancing our Smart Energy Manager project and positioning us as a key player in the evolving energy management and EV charging landscape.

More information to be published soon…