Our company will develop an AI-Driven Smart Energy Manager for Optimized Electric Vehicle Charging (AI4EV) within the AIBC Euroclusters Open Call for Digitalisation Services and Product Development.

The AIBC Eurocluster is a partnership of 6 clusters( Piamonte Innova, Bwcon, ICT Cluster, Association Cluster de Mobilidad y Logistica de Euscadi, ENVIPARK, Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster) located in 5 different European countries. The main objectives of the project are: – Further support of the development of AI and BC solutions by European Single Market SMEs and start-ups. – Support the uptake of AI and BC applications by different industrial ecosystems (manufacturing, mobility, logistics, energy) in need of digitalization, resilience, and green transformation. – Foster training skills and re-skilling within the European ecosystem, especially in Clusters that can support SMEs and start-ups in their digital and green transformation. – Activate international contacts to learn from and explore business and collaboration opportunities.

More information: https://piemonteinnova.it/bandi/aibc-euroclusters-open-call-for-digitalisation-services-and-product-development/?lang=en